Tuesday, January 8, 2008

AVR Oscilloscope clock

The AVR Oscilloscope clock from Dutchtronix was covered here @ MAKE before, but I finally got around to building one - it's great. Makes an awesome clock out of an oscilloscope. Not bad for $35... Above are some pictures from the build! It's not actually supposed to work on a digital scope, so this was an experiment - and it worked!
This AVR Oscilloscope clock is available as a kit, using all through-hole components. The kit included ALL components necessary to assemble the board shown below, including a preprogrammed ATmega168 microcontroller. It does not include an oscilloscope. It also includes connectors for the Power and RS-232 headers on the board. The user can use these connectors to build the power and serial communication cables


Ishu said...

nice try,good luck for future- ur sister

Ishu said...

your effort is nice best of luck brother for your future ur sister