Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Electric paper airplane launcher kit

This is a fun educational aid product designed to demonstrate scientific concepts taught in school curriculum. Ready for take off! Kit contains everything you need to learn how spinning motors and plastic discs are used to launch a paper plane at up to 31 mph (50km/h). An ideal kit for exploring paper plane designs.
This kit was designed at Middlesex University by specialists who teach teachers. Each kit is thoroughly researched and encourages young people to stretch their skills and thinking. Contains Base plate with guide, Plastic discs with pulley, battery box, motors, plastic rings (grommet), plastic suction cups, sticky pads, short screws, long screw, connecting sleeves x 4, terminal block, nuts, wire and screw driver.

The single-sheet paper airplanes you made when you were a kid (or perhaps last week in your cubicle) were, well, kid stuff compared to this beefed-up paper craft, which uses an electric motor from an old pager or toy powered by a big electrolytic capacitor. Known as a "Gold Cap" and made by Panasonic, the capacitor charges from a battery pack and then metes out a steady flow of power to keep your propeller whirring for about 10 seconds--just long enough to send the flyer airborne and carry it between 30 and 100 feet. (You can also add a gearing system to squeeze out even more flight time.) We've created plans for an eAT-6 "Texan" airplane and put them here and here to get you started. Just think twice before blindly launching this one soaring over the wall of your cube.

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