Friday, January 11, 2008

Gloom-II - Mini-sumo robot

Gloom II replaces the original "Gloom", which died of unknown causes. This is a Solarbotics Sumovore kit, which is a decent kit as these things go, but had a few issues, the biggest being a flawed trace on the main board that resulted in a short and was difficult to track down. This version is fitted with the optional BS2-compatible "brainboard" - the MCU is a BasicX BX-24p, much faster than a BS2.

The motors are 150:1 sanyo-type gearmotors from Solarbotics.The wheels and tires are from the same source. The motor leads will be fed through a hole in the center of each motor slot (that hasn't been drilled yet).
A Lynxmotion Single Line sensor at each corner provides edge detection.

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