Friday, January 11, 2008

QRPme - Tuna can kits

The Tuna Tin 2 (TT2) kit includes a round printed circuit board and all PCB mounted parts: transistors, capacitors, resistors, toroids, magnet wire and key jack. The kit also includes a 7.040Mhz crystal and SIP socket for easy crystal change. Assembly booklet also included. You have to scrounge up the can, PCB mounting hardware, antenna, power and receiver jacks, hookup wire and T/R switch.

This amateur radio club provides kits uniquely packaged in tuna tins. When you build the kit, the tuna tin also serves as a chassis for your new project, complete with a nice label for the tin. Although most of the kits are geared towards QRP (low power ham radio) operators, Make readers might enjoy the "AXEme Picaxe Construction Kit". This is a Picaxe development board built into one of the famous tuna tins. It's a very unique and eye-catching way to work with microcontrollers.

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